Named after an all-too-real episode of Daria, Quinn the Brain is a dark alt-rock/grunge-punk power trio that brings back music based on the harsh truths of reality. With lyrics pulled from real-life experiences and music reflecting the moods and themes of the darkest hour, Quinn the Brain proves that angst isn’t just for teenagers.

Based in Houston, Texas, the band has performed various concerts across the United States, including the legendary Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles and Psyched! Fest in San Francisco, shared the stage with up-and-coming bands such as Starcrawler, Margaritas Podridas, and Skating Polly, been featured on University of Houston’s Coog Radio and Houston Pacifica Radio 90.1 KPFT and has been often listed in the Houston Press as part of The Best Music of The Week as well as had features published in Ever Metal, Über Röck and RAMzine.

Quinn the Brain is Arta Black (guitar/vocals) and Clint Rater (bass).

“Quinn The fucking Brain are fucking magnificent!”
–Ever Metal

“Drawing from a variety of influences, Quinn the Brain has crafted one of the most powerful statements of intent that has ever been laid down and set up extremely high expectations for the future.”
–Über Röck

“The first time I listened to Quinn the Brain I remember thinking, “Wow they shred”.”
–Fangz Magazine

“…there is something really endearing about Quinn the Brain.”

“A little sludgy, a little heavy and tres intense…”
–Mildred’s Umbrella

“A zesty sound, more alt/indie than punk, but with undeniable punk attitude.”
–Rock Queen Reviews

“Throughout their performance, I could not resist the feeling to make comparisons to the alternative rock bands of yore. The vocals, riffs, and basslines were callbacks to the early days of grunge and riot grrl, and I commend their performance…”
–Coog Radio