Open Wide

“I think I can just write ‘EP of the Year’ in ink and call it a 2020.” 

“Quite simply, I don’t see any other EP this year coming close to topping these approximately 16 minutes of musical brilliance. To borrow a line from somewhere else, music often chooses us, and this band has connected with me at a molecular level in a way that seldom happens. These songs provide catharsis to the darkest recesses of my soul. I cannot recommend this one enough if you want music filled with great songs, rhythms, hooks, danger, soul baring emotion, and heart that drips with angst.” Über Röck

“So, this is only a 17-minute EP but as a body of work it is extraordinarily complete. It’s a short but comprehensive journey down an absolutely rage filled tunnel of violence, edged weapons and negative emotions, and the musicians back this up by being able to emote this on their instruments as well as being able to rely on Arta’s witheringly intense vocal delivery going voraciously straight for your soft, white throat. I CANNOT WAIT for a full album, boys and girl! This really is one of my favourite records of 2020 so far, and I have listened to some high-quality alternative music this year.” Ever Metal

“Four tracks put together by a three piece in a world like today needs to have something or do something to really stand out and get attention, and while my tastes really lie in all thrash, doom, stoner, sludge, death, grind and blues, there is something really endearing about Quinn the Brain. 2020 might not be a year for fantastic sold old gigs everywhere, but these are one of those that would peak my attention and deservedly so. I’m real intrigued to see the development and more from the Houston based trio.” RAMzine